My Retirement May be a Rebirth


Designing Furniture for my Music Collection (Yes, I will get judged for my antiquated media)

I’m retiring and working more on my house. Yes, it still needs work and now that I’m retiring I’ll have more time to do it.

I started this blog to share ideas about doing your own design and your own building and thinking differently to solve your own specific needs. I strongly believe in not giving in to the pressure to follow the norm. Think outside the box no matter how hard that box is fighting to be a typical box.

Make up your own rules and think and experiment to figure out how to make your home really reflect who you are and specifically built for you. Make it deeply personal.

I hope you’ll stick with me on this continuing journey.

Below are excerpts from a piece I wrote about quitting my 35 year design career…. Note I started the trend …
You can read the full piece by clicking the link below :

Without a job they say: “what will you do?” or “you’ll have no purpose”

“When I tell people that I’m retired they look quite surprised. It seems like a fantasy or even a joke. People seem a little impressed too but believe me I have no financial plan. I haven’t made good investments or consistently filled up a savings account. I have no 401k or IRA. I haven’t worked my butt off or made lofty salaries – No, quite the opposite, I am lazy and the worst financial planner ever.

What is my secret? I’m good at quitting.”

“I know it’s kind of trendy now but I have always put my sanity first. Even as a kid I loved mowing lawns and painting houses but when I did it for other people, for a little cash, I got sick of it real quick. Mind you, I work hard and people want me back but I guess I’m just selfish and don’t work when I don’t need the money. I’d work very hard for short periods of time because I’d be called in when they were under the gun. I worked fast and I worked smart because I wanted to be done.”

“I’ve found work to be a lovely combination of high stress, politics and some very nice people.”

“All I’m saying is don’t believe the hype. If you don’t live to work then don’t wait until it’s over to have a life.”