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Home design should be deeply personal. A home is a refuge. How it makes you feel and how it satisfies your needs is the only measure of success.

This is about my journey in the design of my tiny house and I hope that there are some good ideas here. Most recently I added a second story to my house and there’s a lot of story there.

the beginning

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Design is a verb

You are already designing your home based on how you use it but it doesn’t have to be set in stone. Your home can change as your needs change. I do most everything myself and you can learn from all of my many mistakes or just sit back and laugh at my insanity.

I’ve come a long way but my home still changes constantly. There’s no rush and there is no end game. Design is a verb.

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A short video of my tiny galley kitchen at work

I just made this video recently and plan to make more videos of how my house works. Obviously the most important thing about your house is that it functions how you need it to and the kitchen is the busiest place in any house.

The countertop is Corian. The fabricator didn’t want to sell me the dark version because it can scratch… so why do they sell it then. Anyways I scratched it all over and then oiled it.

Below is a pinterest page showing my research for a modular sofa.

I never found anything that became a standard bed size that you could use standard sheets on so I had my own made.

This is what my house looks like today with the second story :

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