I’ve always loved furniture. I dabbled in furniture design in school – enough so that my first job out of school was for a furniture designer. The most fun, though, is designing furniture for my house. Furniture designed specifically for me, my particular taste of course, but designed for the specific places and my specific uses.

I love to prototype and mock-up and dream about what I can make. I want to explore the fringe. I want to push the limits and conventions. I’m bored with a lot of furniture and I believe we need to be more creative and aggressively non-traditional.

Here is a video of a modular sofa mock-up

and here is the final product:

Old skool media addict contemplating a new furniture system

Across from my new modular sofa are piles of my audio media. I know I’ll get a lot of grief for all this but I’m used to that. I happen to love my old media and the devices that go along with them. This is also in a mock-up stage. I’m contemplating a graceful system that allows easy access to all of it.