I originally started this blog to document the story of adding an upper floor to my tiny house. My house has been evolving since I moved in about 20 years ago. I’ve made many changes to my house but I think this is going to be the most dramatic and perhaps the most chaotic and life changing.

Subscribe to the email newsletter and I will let you know when there are new posts here. I plan to show how I am surviving, or not, in the chaos of construction with nowhere to escape it. I will show the technical aspects of this major undertaking and I will also show how I make decisions as i move forward. I also hope to communicate how I manage, or don’t manage, to live my day to day life during this construction process.

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  1. Dirk, I am so glad that you are working on the second story. The plan looks good and
    so does the elevation!! Frige the neighbors – they have never been friendly anyway.
    How long do you think this construction will take?
    I love the picture of the framing in the small car – I never would have imagined that it
    would fit.
    Are you doing all the construction yourself?


    • thanks Elise,
      I have hired a contractor for the framing and the exterior / windows / roof to get the building water tight (seems important these days ) then I will take over and do all the interior. The framing is a two man job and the guys doing it are really good. They aren’t very good at tarping for rain though…. I was pulling out wet insulation yesterday….


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