Framing happens

Front view under construction

Construction begins amidst odd June rainstorms and neighbor unrest. I’m happy with the progress so far and two of my disgruntled neighbors are not so much.

my neighbor is unhappy with my construction

My neighbors expressed their concerns during the city council hearing and they continue to express their unhappiness. I realize that city council approval does not constitute neighbor approval but I would not have even have had to ask for any approval if my house was “standard” and “compliant.” Because my house is “sub-standard” I need to ask the city for a variance for everything that I do and that then triggers necessary neighbor review and they have a chance to plead their case to the review committee.

I have to be honest and say that I don’t really understand why they hate the idea of me adding my second story. I have designed this addition with the greatest concern for height and appropriateness to the neighborhood. I believe that the building commission and the planning department have recognized that in their full approval.

View of the back of the house

New framing shows the view from my new bathroom window

Meanwhile I am trying to breath through it and enjoy the fruition of my 3 years of work toward this goal.

Construction starts pretty early in the morning and I try to relax at night surrounded by the chaos of construction in a tiny house.

verb2 life during construction

My bed goes in the hallway during the day

Relaxation watching the office on Netflix surrounded by tarps and the general chaos of construction

8 thoughts on “Framing happens

  1. I think that is so upsetting about your neighbors. I thought they were ok with the whole thing….and that sign…..really?? Pretty immature. I can’t believe how far along you are with the framing. It looks fantastic! Hang in there. The Office is a good distraction. xxooxxoo.


  2. Congratulations Dirk. I know its been a goal to double the size of your place for years. Hang in there, you are a good person. Let us know when the grand unveiling is to occur.


  3. Thanks for the support people! I have to say most of my other neighbors are also supportive but they are not quite as “vocal” as the ones that are upset. I need all the support I can get in this seemingly harsh environment.


  4. Dirk: You are neither a jerk nor a dick. I am proud of you, as usual. There are so many would-be, wannabe builders like the builders of a boat in the backyard that is never quite completed for use in the water.
    You are doing it! I am QUITE surprised by how much progress you have made. It is actually happening. Let me clear up one matter: Are you or are you not blocking the view for any neighbor, as Adam says? A view of what, would that be? The Pacific? Just curious.
    Way to go Dirk!
    P.S. I thanked you on the acknowledgments page of my new book, HAVE FUN
    INVENTING. I printed 75 for the Makers Faire in San Mateo May 21-22 but only have 5 left. I need to correct the typos, and to add another chapter and then it will be on for sale, hopefully on September 1 or so.


    • Thanks for the comment Steven. That neighbor is not concerned about a view per se but rather about the ” light that i am blocking .” As I understand it, they are concerned about my house becoming visible from their kitchen window on their lower level instead of just their fence and possibly the tops of the mountains to the south which they are used to. They could have a fantastic view of the ocean from their second story but it doesn’t seem to me that any of their existing windows take advantage of that at all. Their house is two stories and approximately 10 feet above mine.

      Congrats on the book, I will order a copy when it is available on Amazon and thanks for the acknowledgment; that is a surprise. Thanks for your support as always. I hope to have you over to my new house sometime.


  5. Wow!
    Your neighbors are kind of unbelievable. I’m sorry you’re dealing with that.

    And.. WOW!
    The progress looks AMAZING! I’m excited to come smoke a cigar in the garden soon!


  6. Hey Dirk, way to go man. That looks like a lot more work than I would ever want to do to my living space. Oi!

    Your neighbors are… insert a few unsavory words here.

    We had a single story house burn down behind ours. It was a shanty. Speculative owner buys it up and puts in a 3 story replacement. 3 stories seem a bit excessive for the neighborhood to me. It towers over proly 20 feet over our house now, but diagonally to the back and northeast from us, so no sunlight lost. I can certainly see it, it’s taken some of the sky our of our view.

    Meh. Whatever.

    Not sure I’d feel the same if I was in the shadow of the house. But none of the newly shadowed northern neighbors bothered showing up at the city hearings, so hey, I guess not.

    AND rather than having a rat trap sway back shanty behind us, our house and the entire neighborhood is now lifted a bit and more valuable because we now have a very designery new home next to us.

    Maybe you should stop building right now, studs waving in the air like you just don’t care. Purchase a few choice project cars in various states of neglect and park them around your house. Start collecting stuff. Any old stuff. Store said stuff on every square inch of your property, up to the limits of your air rights. Feel partial to rats? Some like them as pets. Keeping them outdoors you could proly have hundreds living with you. Cable TV, you don’t need no stinking cable. There are LOTS of out of work TV antennas needing a good home these days. Those bare studs would make great mounts for lots of tv antennas.

    Dirk = Dick? No. Dirk is a nice guy improving the neighborhood.

    Erik = Dick


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